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Apple launches macOS Monterrey: what’s its most surprising news?


October 25, 2021 23:22 GMT

The tech giant has just revealed the new version of its operating system for its desktop and laptop computers.

The US company Apple launched on Monday Mac OS MontereyThe new version of the operating system for desktop and laptop computers.

First of all, they highlight the job “global control”, which allows you to manage your Mac’s pointer from your iPad or vice versa. Now it will also be possible to drag files between two Apple devices.

Likewise, they highlight that the new update brings with it the so-called “Shortcuts” of iOS, a mechanism to perform several tasks by pressing a single button. In fact, the user can even create their own shortcuts.

FaceTime improvements

Furthermore, improvements have been made to the FaceTime video telephony app. In this sense, they highlight that the new version of the operating system allows this Isolate background sound to improve sound As we speak and create a portrait mode in real time if we have a Mac with an M1 chip.

In addition, macOS Monterrey has the new version “SharePlay”, which allows sharing of app content with other Apple users; From now on, the photos we receive through the Messages app will be saved to an individual folder in the Photos app.

Another novelty is that the Photos app on iOS devices will be able to Reveal texts inside images, the ability to isolate and select, for example, phone numbers, addresses or links to web pages.

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How is it updated?

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Finally, they highlight that the AirPlay function – which allows sharing content from an iPhone or iPad – is now available for Macs; That’s two improvements to the Safari web browser: a redesigned menu of tabs for you to create new groups, which syncs with other Apple devices, and a more compact address bar.

Technology portal zataka Indicates that the new version of macOS is Available NS The following devices, specifying which compatible version: iMac (2015), iMac Pro (2017), MacBook Air (2015), MacBook Pro (2015), Mac Pro (2013), Mac mini (2014), and MacBook (2016).

To update devices with macOS Monterey, open the Mac App Store, tap on the new version of the operating system announcement and then select the “Download” option. Once done, simply open the program to proceed with the installation.

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