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Antona analyzes America’s contract. Signing fines and salary

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The an agreement Enter Chivas and America for him exchange by Uriel Antona and Sebastian Cordova It’s done but The process is not closed Because the static herd player differs from each other Terms subordinate bypass Suggested by directives the Eagles.

In the Terms who – which She is in the analysis By the player are these discipline there In Club Azulcrema, where there are Expensive fines if something gets out of hand, Plus some bonuses from their performance on the field.

The Indiscipline fines and others They are not willing to debate in Coapa, Even all the players on the team have these controls in their contracts.

Antona Santiago Solari admires, The strategist understands that the characteristics of the Mexican national team are not within his team and that is why once he agreed to the change he did not think about it.

Will Antuna reach 11 starting for America?

If El Brujo reaches Coapa, he will not do so as a starting player, You must win the place competing With Renato Ibarra and Leonardo Suarez In the event that they remain in the institution or with another item that may come from abroad.

within the Eagles They have a full trust from what Antuna will accept all terms They hope to finish the process no later than next week when they finish their participation with the Mexican national team in the friendly match against Chile in Austin, Texas.

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