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Ángel Pérez Otero has resigned as Mayor of Guaynabo, effective December 16

The suspended mayor of Guinabo and federally indicted, Angel Pérez Otero, submitted his letter of resignation this afternoon at 5:00 pm, but his resignation is effective next Thursday, December 16, noted Mariana Castro, the popular spokeswoman for the municipal council.

Pérez Otero ended the letter addressed to the president of the municipal legislature, Carlos Martinez Pérez, with the words: “With the duty fulfilled.”

The Secretary-General of the New Progressive Party, Carmelo Rios, noted that the “important” thing was that Perez Otero submitted his resignation, although he admitted that proving its validity until December 16 would delay the flight path to choosing his replacement.

Rios asserted that Pérez Otero did not really have to resign and that society would have initiated a process to remove him from office if he had not.

“But it would have taken longer,” he said. Asked about the decision not to activate the resignation immediately, at the request of the PNP president, Pedro Pierluisi, Rios indicated that it was “on his conscience”.

Read the resignation letter here:

“What is important is that he resigned,” he said.

On Thursday, when Perez Otero, the governor, was arrested Pedro Pierluisi He was so disappointed and upset, he said, that he demanded that he leave the post of mayor immediately as well as the presidency of the Union of Mayors.

Berluisi did not respond to Perez Otero’s message. Vice Mayor of Guinabo, Luisa Colom Garcia, said in a statement that Perez Otero and his wife, Lisa Fernandez, handed over all municipal government property that was under their control.

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In fact, although the Independent Special Prosecutor’s Office suspended him from office on Thursday itself, it does not have the power to impeach him.

“I find it embarrassing and it is something that needs immediate action. I think the majority should ask themselves why this delay to resign is effective because they agreed to the request to resign immediately”Castro said.

In his resignation letter, Perez Otero did not justify the December 16 date nor did he ever admit to committing a crime.

Time will show that the main reason for this resignation is to provide the peace that the citizens of Guinabo need to continue their step towards a promising future. For the rest, I can only wish you and every legislator and legislator of my country every success in their efforts … “, said Perez Otero.

Pedro Pierluisi reacts

In written statements, Pierluisi noted that the FEI’s mandate prevents Pérez Otero from taking actions or decisions in the municipal government.

“His resignation will be effective on December 15 (it’s December 16 really) but we have already started the party process to operate according to the bylaws and elect a new mayor. These processes will give the people of Guinabo the opportunity to choose an honest candidate who will serve the municipality and its components well. We will be looking for a candidate who meets the requirements and principles that the PNP and the people of Guaynabo deserve.

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