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América de Cali achieved a long-term victory against the Alianza and is still alive in the races at home

Everything in America has been suffering for a long time. That’s what the Crimson fans said, who this Thursday struggled to their last breath in a painful 2-1 victory over Alianza Petrolera and still have a chance of reaching the Colombian League Grand Final.

Carlos Sierra (6′) and Adrien Ramos (96) scored the two winning red goals. Byron Garces (50 minutes) scored the “Carriers” opponent.
Those led by Juan Carlos Osorio had a beginning commitment with momentum and offensive ambition.

Scarlett quickly climbed onto the scoreboard.
In the 6th minute, the match started with Rodrigo Orenia. Qualifying for Emerson Batala, gains in speed on the right side and center of the ball stemmed from an act of distraction by Adrian Ramos and it was Carlos Sierra who arrived at the center of the striker and put his side with a partial advantage.

America appealed to the high pressure in the Petrolera region. This tactical behavior missed the visit at the beginning and in the 9th minute it was Ramos who narrowly won.

Hubert Bodhert’s team reacted quickly. Stefano Arango handled the strings of the cast and, while inconspicuous, came close to goalkeeper Diego Novoa’s grounds.

America became strong with ball possession, but could not reverse that dominance with the ball to inflict more damage on his opponent and go in the first half with a higher width.

red horseshoe
America had two significant occasions at the start of the supplemental half to score and the game was over.
However, Alianza found the equal point in the Crimson defensive foul.

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In the 50th minute, a poor rejection by Kevin Andrade led to Brian Gill’s shot, and Novoa cleared the half and Byron Garces leveled the score.
Osorio moved his chips, earning Déiner Quiñones what made him even more offensive.

The Reds advanced, and they overtook their opponent.
Sierra, Adrian and Stephen Locomi tried all means, but America lacked definiteness in the final counters.

When everyone thought the match ended in a draw, the American cast came to three points. In 96, a corner kick was dispensed by Ramos who scored with a header. The Video Assistant Referee who reviewed the procedure eventually declared victory.

America reached 6 points, and Petrolera remained 3 for the remaining two days.

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