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All results of the fifth day of the CONCACAF qualifiers

The FIFA date continues and in CONCACAF The Match day 5 subordinate octagonal final As teams seek to continue adding points to approach one of the tickets for World Cup Qatar 2022.

he was there A couple of amazing results, with good goals even though they were due due to the lapses, because the matches have become very closed and even that Emotion was missing in the regions. At the moment there is another match left in the middle of the week and there is a lot of history ahead.

Jamaica 0-0 Canada | And the team that went to the Azteca?

Jamaica, Who is the I was a “spectator” in this final octagon, The dynasty brought before the complex team of Canada, where they contained their attack and struck a tie; It only works to improve the mood, because it is last.

The Reggae Boys come to 2 points, While The one in the maple leaf stay with 7 units.

Costa Rica 2-1 El Salvador | Finally, the Tikus family woke up

currently Costa Rica was one of the “disappointments” From the final octagon, given the mold it contains, He was expected to fight among the leaders, However, it did not have good results.

This day with Goals from Brian Ruiz and Celso BorgesHe defeated El Salvador and Reached 6 points; that it Competition stay with 5 units.

Panama 1-0 United States | The US team bid farewell to leadership

Although there are some of his team in his team European stars, The The North American team fell on their visit to Panama, Then Hannibal Godoy He scored in the 54th minute and that was enough to get 3 points.

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Panama Arrived to 8 points and a draw UnitedsEven though Team USA is still ahead goal difference.

Mexico 3-0 Honduras | Back to the octagonal led

at a meeting that Mexico dominated from start to finishHonduras sought to maintain the Aztec attack and score as few goals as possible, after Figueroa was fired.

with a lot of Cordova, Funes Morey and Chucky Lozano, Altri came to 11 units and he octagonal leader; Honduras stay with 3 units.

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