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Adamari Lopez leaves a love letter to her ex-sister-in-law while Tony Costa spends a special moment with Alaïa

Although they are no longer together, Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa They built a family with their little girl Alaa Where they can involve both families and both cultures in one. This was demonstrated by the Puerto Rican driver a few days ago when she left a touching letter to her ex-sister-in-law due to the many years of affection she had received.

Lorena celebrated her birthday this weekend, which is why the jury of Así se baila dedicated several posts to her Instagram stories. One of them was the Spanish woman who hugs Alaa in a romantic encounter while leaving texts “happy birth day” in the audiovisual field.

In this sense, Alaa also did the same and congratulated her aunt on her Instagram account. “I love you so much, and how wonderful it is to celebrate your birthday today. Congratulations Aunt Lorena,” the little girl wrote in a photo of the two embracing, who is also a dancer in a black dress and the minor in a Christmas outfit.

On the other hand, Ala’s father, Tony Costa, couldn’t contain his excitement when he had a special moment with his little daughter on the beach. While her sister was on her birthday, father and daughter shared a moment together on the beaches of Miami, Florida. “Is it cold?” asked the dancer. In a blue dress with white stars, she responds positively. The weather didn’t help much, but moments together made it more bearable, especially since the choreographer documented every moment in his Instagram Stories.

Similarly, Costa remains amazed at how much her daughter has grown, showing in her last Instagram post a memory of when Alaa was a baby in 2015. “Are you going to tell me this isn’t the richest thing in the world? 😍 Life completely changes you when you’re a father, and you grow up And it develops and shows aspects of yourself that you didn’t know but always existed because it was what you lived through in your childhood, thanks to my dad for making me the father that I am today, and I’m still learning to be the best version of myself for my daughter, and I love you so much, Alaa,” he wrote. .

And now that the couple has not united, Enjoy doing different activities as a family Like a dance in the Así se baila program, where they delighted the audience with a tango and a surprise at the end with their little girl.

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