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About 300 Cubans are involved in extracting and stealing gold

There are about 300 Cubans involved in illegal extraction and theft Euro in Ciego de ÁvilaCuban state news agency reported.ACN).

According to a note from the Ranger Corps, the combined forces of Ministry of the Interior (Minent), From Agriculture (MINAG)and Energía y Minas (MINEM) and the Office of Environmental Safety and Regulation (ORSA) in Ciego de Ávila encountered the alleged criminals.

The event took place in Land belonging to the business unit of the Agroforestry Base of the Municipality of Paragua, with the participation of the local population, and in the provinces of Camaguey, Las Tunas and Holguín. in the place Rural tents, where about 100 people stayed overnight, were unearthed, destroyed, and deep excavations were observed..

The testimonies of the arrested citizens revealed that The extracted stones were transported to Camaguey Province, where It was sold for 1,000 Cuban pesos, considering that the value of a gram of gold is 2,500 pesos.

As a result of confrontation actions, Four complaints about the crime of illegal trade in minerals and another about the improper use of natural resources, realization Official warnings for 34 citizens associated with illegal extraction and A fine of 90 fines was imposed for violating the decrees.

the authorities It occupied 50 bags with 47.4 kilograms of mineral stones, two bicycles, an animal cart (with a horse), and tools used for prospecting and metal detection.

moreover, Preventive measures have been applied to 70 people from Las Tunas and Camaguey provincesACN added.

Official Gazette Granma Held at the beginning of December Discover the concentration of eight tons of gold In Loma Jacinto . deposit, in Camagüey.

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