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Abenader meets this afternoon for the second time with the National Command to discuss the situation in Haiti

Santo Domingo, RD.

The President of the Republic, Louis Abenader, met on Monday in his office at the National Palace, Vice President of the Republic Raquel Peña, hours before the meeting with the national leadership.

The purpose of the meeting with the national leadership is to further discuss the situation in Haiti and Immigration procedures taken by the Dominican government, In light of the growing crisis in the neighboring country.

This second meeting is expected to take place at 3:00 p.m. on Monday That integrates the religious, commercial and social sectors of the country.

The President had previously called these persons in an emergency situation to inform and explain to them the measures taken jointly with the National Migration Board in relation to the Haitian situation. Among the actions carried out are Suspension of automatic visa renewal for Haitian students and health care for unregistered foreigners.

While these meetings are taking place The situation on the Dominican-Haitian border remains tense, Where the Dominican authorities strengthened surveillance.

In the morning hours, a group of “nationalists” took up positions in front of the National Palace to express their support for the Dominican government in the face of its immigration measures.

similarly, They claimed to be willing to defend national sovereignty “in any field”.

A comprehensive security apparatus was deployed at the site, as these “nationalists” went to the palace because they received information that a group of Haitians were on their way to protest on Monday.

“Pay due attention”

On November 5, at the first meeting, Abenader noted that “everyone agrees that the international community You should pay due attention of the social and economic situation in the neighboring country.

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Likewise, he noted that all participants are concerned, “First to protect our physical safety and take care of our resources, both our health structure as well as attention to national security issues.”


In recent weeks, clashes erupted in the streets, exacerbated by the lack of fuel that paralyzes almost all public transport, and they have also been kidnapped for two weeks. 16 American citizens by one of the armed gangs that control Haiti.

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