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A warning in Paris Saint-Germain for the horrific injury to the Brazilian

Neymar’s despair at the time of his ankle sprain. Paris Saint-Germain concerned about the Brazilian crack.

NeymarBrazilian striker Paris Saint-GermainEveryone worries. The 29-year-old was a victim of a The sprain hit his left ankle, and he had to leave on a stretcher From the state of Saint-Etienne, to the first division, a worrying injury to the Brazilian, who retired in tears.

After French footballer Yvan Macon intervened, the Parisian No. 10 fell on his opponent and flexed his left ankle in action. Among the obvious signs of pain, Neymar was removed on a stretcher and replaced by Eric Jr. and Dina Ibembe.

Neymar’s apparent severe injury – diagnosis not yet known – occurred in a Paris Saint-Germain is struggling with a 3-1 victory over Saint-Etienne, Which allows him to continue to draw controversies at the top of the French championship: after 15 matches, he has reached 40 points, 14 points ahead of the only goalkeeper Nice (26 points).

Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian player Neymar left the field on a stretcher after sustaining a serious injury to his left ankle against Saint-Etienne.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian player Neymar left the field on a stretcher after suffering a severe injury to his left ankle against Saint-Etienne. (Jeff Bashod /)

Marquinhos was the character of the match, for his two goals (with a header) and the leadership he wielded. But Lionel Messi was decisive in PSG’s victory: in the driver’s position, he feels more and more that the team led by Mauricio Pochettino and his three assists (the other went to Angel Di Maria in the second goal) were decisive.

Of course, the worrying thing for PSG is Neymar’s injury. Through his screams and desperation, he gave the feeling that the former Barcelona man had been seriously injured. We’ll have to wait.

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