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A tough fight in the Fernandez family for the health of Vicente Fernandez

It’s been two months since that Vicente Fernandez He was hospitalized in the 2000s in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Although his condition has improved in recent days, according to medical reports, he is still worried for his children already. Donna Coquita; who even thinks of bringing him back to his farm of ‘The three foalsto continue his recovery there. HealthSHINT‘Have generated some discussions between Fernandez family It is included It was revealed that the three heirs of the Baron They could have had strong fight thus.

After two weeks of complete silence, the latest status update has finally been revealed.Charo de HuentitanToday is Tuesday October 5th. Although the ruling family promised to publish the health status every Monday, that has not been done since September 20. It highlights that he is still in intensive care, but progress in his recovery is being made.”very slow“. Here You can find the highlights in the report uploaded a few hours ago.

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