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A surprise in Paris Saint-Germain’s invitation to face Manchester City in the Champions League – ten

Sergio Ramos, who has not been able to appear with him yet Paris Saint-Germain, entered for the first time in the call for the match next Wednesday in the European Champions League against ManchesterThe French club announced today.

UEFA Champions League Standings Review

The 35-year-old Spain defender hasn’t played a minute in his new jersey since signing in July real MadridThis is mainly due to persistent problems with the twins.

RamosWho played only seven matches in 2021, began training with the group during the last international break, at the beginning of November, the first stage towards his return to competition.

His long absence has raised doubts about the defender’s ability to regain his best form, since his last official match was played on May 5, in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. real Madrid Fell in front of the hero Chelsea.

“For a world champion like Sergio Ramos, a player of his level and mentality, it is very difficult not to be able to play as much as he wants. But he is mentally very strong. He works hard and we believe,” he explained last Friday Mauricio Pochettino.

They revealed the salary that Sergio Ramos receives at Paris Saint-Germain

The champions four times in principle will be on the bench in the fifth date of the champions, since pregnant Marx And Presnel Kimpembe They are also in the group.

stars Lionel MessiAnd Kylian Mbappe And Neymar They also travel to England, as does Archer Gianluigi DonnarummaAbsent from the last Ligue 1 match due to gastroenteritis.

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