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A study revealed that Covid-19 can spread among those who have been vaccinated

New York- A new study of Texas prison inmates has provided additional evidence that the coronavirus can spread even in groups where the majority of people are vaccinated.

A Covid-19 outbreak at a federal prison in July and August infected 172 inmates in two prison units, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Posted on Tuesday.

About 80% of the inmates have been vaccinated. More than 90% of unvaccinated inmates ended up infected, as did 70% of fully vaccinated inmates.

However, severe disease was more frequent among the unvaccinated. The hospitalization rate for them was about 10 times higher than for those vaccinated.

The study is similar to investigating a July outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where several hundred people were infected, three-quarters of whom were fully vaccinated.

These reports have prompted health authorities to insist that even vaccinated people wear masks and take other precautions. They believe the delta variant, a version of the coronavirus that spreads more easily and may lower immunity, may play a key role.

The perpetrators did not identify the prison, but in July some media reported an outbreak of a similar size at the Texarkana Federal Prison.

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