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A few days after hitting the Pitbull Cruz, Gervonta Davis spoke again about Canelo Álvarez

Next sunday Jerfonta Davis He returns to the ring to defend him Lightweight world title with before mexican Isaac Cruz in a Staples Center in Los Angeles. On the other hand, in the last hours, a fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. I am talking about Canelo AlvarezAnd He gave up and added that he liked the presentation he gave before Caleb Factory.

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Reality indicates that fighter Guadalajara He’s one of the best today and the critics are starting to shut their mouths as fight after fight breaks more records. What’s more, that’s what I already knew Money, who told him that his boxer would be a business like boxing, where the Mexican attracts all kinds of agreements because investing with him means profits.

On the other hand, who surrendered and belonged to the stable Floyd Mayweather Jr. It is Gervonta Davis, who faces next Sunday Isaac Cruz. “His last performance was very good, I love Canelo as a boxer. He’s a strong guy, I feel he learned a lot from his loss to Floyd Mayweather. It made him a better fighter, I think he’s definitely unique, he has great strength and he should be number one.”, she expressed the tank for different media.

He added: “He already has this experience and is opening the way for new fighters, and this must be recognized. I have no doubt he would do well at 190 pounds.” On the other hand, in a showdown with Isaac Cruz, he said the kind of sparring pushed him to improve and that way he arrives superbly against the Mexican.

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On the other hand, Pitbull, who is going to fight the toughest fight of his career, received a message from Canelo Alvarez before his fight. “What’s up, Isaac. Courage, you have to keep working and give him a lot of desire to get bigger. Don’t get discouraged and you have to train harder and give it a hug,” the man from Guadalajara crossed to his compatriot.

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