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7 tips to apply now and not be cut off if WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram fail

(CNN Español) – How not to get paralyzed then Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram now? Here is a guide with seven tips you can apply right now so that the blackout of a huge application doesn’t surprise you and leave you cut off from the outside world.

1 – Download an alternative messaging app beforehand

Encrypted messaging apps like Telegram and Signal It has gained popularity recently due to the flaws of WhatsApp and The recent controversy over privacy in Application owned by Facebook. They are not the only ones available: There is also Line and WeChat, among others. Pre-downloading the messaging app prevents you from looking for a replacement when the crash has already occurred. In addition to downloading it yourself, you can advise people you communicate with frequently or who do not have much control over the apps to do so as well.

More information about these alternatives here:

(Extra tip: if you download Telegram and when WhatsApp crashes, notifications of all people who join the network at that moment bother you, you can specifically disable notifications of new contacts specifically in settings)

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2 – Schedule relevant contacts on the phone and / or email, not just on networks

There may be people you communicate with directly through the messaging systems of Instagram and Facebook. However, if they are important contacts, it is important to schedule their phone numbers and/or emails in advance. This way you make sure that if you can’t access the apps, you will still be able to communicate with them.

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In the same way, you should save the important information for your routine outside of these networks, so that you can access it when needed. This can range from the day, time and appointment address you select through the app, to club hours that you usually consult directly in the profile.

3 – Avoid logging in with Facebook when signing up for third-party apps like Spotify

Facebook has become such an important social network that it has also become a way to log into third-party applications such as spotify And Tinder. The problem comes when a fall of this kind affects that you can access these other services, so when registering, it is better to choose the email option. Also, if the malfunction is related to a security breach or hacking, it will not reveal the information of all your accounts.

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4 – Get pages on the radar that report in real time on failures

When you find that the apps are broken, you might think that it is a problem with your phone. One way to quickly find out what’s going on is to find out and consult (directly on the web or through other apps like Twitter) specialized pages that report on real-time failures like Downdetector. Here you can not only report a service outage, but also quickly find out the status of the problem.

6 – Get at least a minimum amount of credit on your phone

It is recommended that you have at least a minimum amount of credit to send text messages or make mobile phone calls in case you find yourself in an emergency situation and cannot use the avenues to which you normally appeal.

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7 – Decide what will be your alternative communication system

You may not need this to communicate with your family or friends, but if you use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your co-workers, you can save time and confusion by pre-determining the means by which they will communicate in case there is a massive collapse of company applications Mark Zuckerberg.

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