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2020 US elections: scrutiny of a Republican order in Arizona confirms the absence of fraud in Biden’s victory | international

Trump supporters outside Phoenix Square where the review took place in May.Adriana Zebrauskas

A new blow to “The Big Lie”And The idea of ​​Joe Biden winning the electoral fraud. The review, ordered by the Arizona Senate, with a Republican majority, did not produce the results that supporters of former President Donald Trump had expected. Draft document, which you can access New York times, confirms the results of the November 2020 elections in this state, which has moved to the Democratic side for the first time since 1996. There is no trace of fraud. After Maricopa County’s 2.1 million vote review. The company responsible for the review, called Cyber ​​Ninjas and without prior experience in electoral counting, found 99 new votes for Biden and 261 fewer votes for Trump, who still does not recognize the victory of the current president of the United States. .

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Jack Sellers, chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, in which Phoenix is ​​located, said via social media that a very deep look at the Cyber ​​Ninjas’ results isn’t necessary to confirm something “it was already known.” “The candidates approved by the council, the governor, the foreign minister and the local lawyer won,” the official said in a statement. Posted on Twitter. “This means that […] “The outcome reflects the will of the voters,” he continues. The report was sent to local politicians in Arizona on Thursday. Its final version will be released on Friday.

The results of the audit were expected and frightening. They arrived several months late. The same calendar proposed by Cyber ​​Ninjas, a cybersecurity company, stated that the vote count was expected by the end of June. The exercise was conducted behind closed doors, in an amphitheater in honor of the veterans, and was carried out by preventing almost all journalists from checking in on the operation. Many were concerned about the transparency of the review at the hands of a company owned by Doug Logan, a deeply religious man from rural Florida and a father of 11, who posted messages on social media before starting to review votes. Electoral fraud.

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Alerts rose as the press began tracking who was paying the bill. In August, journalist Jane Mayer revealed in New Yorker A large network of groups linked to the radical right that have been paying for the Cyber ​​Ninjas. Most important is the Lindy and Harry Bradley Foundation, an organization estimated to be worth an estimated $850 million that has been funding litigation against election laws that have harmed the Republican Party for nearly a decade. The cost of the audit in Arizona is estimated at $6-7 million, according to state media.

Biden won Arizona with 49.36% of the vote. Trump got 49.06%. The difference between the two was only 10,457 votes. The Democrat’s victory unleashed the ire of Trump, who called on conservative television networks on election night to fall back on expectations. Arizona has been a stronghold of conservatives for decades, and the last Democrat to win it was Bill Clinton.

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Trump launched a legal attack with From his attorney, Rudy GiulianiThis forced the local authorities emanating from the Republican Party itself to conduct several reviews of the elections. everybody We came to the same conclusion, which Cyber ​​Ninjas have now come to. The former president, and thus many of his followers, were convinced that scrutiny would agree with him. “I expect it to yield very surprising results!” the president said in May. His voters have flocked to the Phoenix Coliseum for months as if it were a site of pilgrimage, convinced that some symbol would fall there causing a domino effect that would reverse results in Michigan and Wisconsin, and with them Trump’s return to the White House. This theory of massive electoral fraud promoted by Trump sectors has been described as the “Big Lie.”

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The chair of the Board of Supervisors, Sellers, knows that conclusions do not mean the end of the story. “I suspect we will be accused again of not cooperating, of not providing information to the contractor in the Senate. [Cyber Ninjas]. How can we cooperate with an investigation by people who have no idea how to organize the elections? Much less, one in the second-largest US constituency,” the official says. Local Republican senators, who are already targeting next year’s midterm elections, still want to check Maricopa County servers because they suspect they may have been tampered with However, the authorities responsible for organizing the vote made it clear that it had nothing to do with the electoral mechanism.

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